May Favorites

Howwwww are we in June already?! I really wish time would slow down just a little! Leo will be 10 months this Friday! In May he finally got the hang of crawling, learned to pull himself up on ledges, and fell in love with pancakes! So while he learned and tried new things throughout the month, I tried new products too. ๐Ÿ˜Š So let's go ahead and dive into my newest finds in beauty, skincare, and other random categories!

1. Korean Collagen Essence Sheet Masks - $8.69

I found this great deal on Amazon! You get 16 Korean sheet masks that are packed with collagen essence, vitamin E, and tons of other minerals and ingredients that help your skin become more moisturized, clear, and elastic! I usually wash my face first, use toner, then apply one of these masks for about 20 minutes. Then, I take it off and whatever serum is leftover, I gently rub it into my skin. My face is literally left GLOWING!

2. Mighty Lashes by Cotu - $11.08

I love false eyelashes, but when some brands charge $20+ for ONE PAIR, I just can't.. But I found these great lashes on Amazon! You get SIX PAIRS for $11.08! SIX!!! They are made of 100% human hair and each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand. I found that these lashes are comfortable and super easy to use. They have tons of different styles too! If you are a lash lover, you definitely need to give these a try! These two are my favorite styles!

3. Elf Makeup Lock & Seal - $3.00

I lost the lid. ๐Ÿ˜… So the gist of this is that you put a few drops of the formula into the small pot that is provided, and then you just dab your brush in it and coat your eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, or brow cream with it and let it dry. It will lock in your makeup so you can rock a smudge-free look all day/night! Since my eyes are hooded, my eyeshadow tends to crease really badly and if I do a thicker wing, I end up with black lines on my lids after a few hours. This has completely stopped that! It is seriously a miracle worker! One tip I do have though, when you're applying it, don't swipe it side to side or rub it in.. Just tap it on lightly so as not to smudge your makeup!

4. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer - $8.97

This is a super affordable, full coverage, water-resistant foundation and concealer in one! For being a drugstore foundation, it has amazing coverage and works incredibly on the undereye area. It leaves your skin looking naturally flawless and lasts alllllllll day! I do have one complaint though.... They don't have a very good color range.. The lightest shade at my local Walgreens was way too dark for me.. I made it work, but I would've been happier with a lighter shade. Either way, you all need to try it out!

5. Board and Batten Calming Lift Spray - $14.00

I received this spray in my TestTube subscription box (full review here). It works as a primer during your skincare routine, as a makeup setting spray, helps combat aging signs by increasing collagen production, restores moisture and helps to even your skin tone, it conditions your hair and leaves it smelling great, and the list seriously keeps going on! I love it. It's made a huge difference in my skin and makeup longevity. If you're in the market for a new setting spray or new addition to your skincare routine (or even your haircare routine!), then you NEED this!

6. Rimmel London Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner - $2.99

This eyeliner is so easy to use, lasts forever, soo bold, and sooooo affordable! I've always been really picky when it comes to eyeliners. I like it to glide on easily, not smudge throughout the day, not leave black lines on my crease after an hour, not cost me an arm and a leg, AND be extremely black. THIS. IS. THE. ONE. ๐Ÿ’•

7. Bebella Evolution Professional Hair Straightener - $21.99

So if you've been to a shopping mall in the last couple years, I'm sure at one point or another you've seen the little kiosks where they sell ridiculously expensive hair straighteners. And if you are as naive and as a big of an impulsive buyer like I am, you may have even been persuaded into purchasing a straightener from them for $150+.. Well guess what? This is the exact same hair straightener that they sell. Minus the various different brand names they use. Yup. It's about $22 and is the same exact thing. Works amazingly, comes in cute colors, but is a million times more affordable than the ones at your mall. Seriously, don't fall for their lines of, "I'll even throw in $100+ worth of free products!" or "Look, I'm saving you $300+. Please don't tell anyone else. I'm only doing this for you.".. HA. ๐Ÿ™„

8. F*ck Feelings Book - $10.87

Okay, let's get into my non beauty-related favorites! This book is a game changer! Yes, it's basically a self-help book. But it's an entertaining and REALISTIC approach to dealing with life's problems. Advice does not get anymore clear or better than this. BUT... If you're hoping for a "Awww, poor you.. You deserve so much better." type of book, this is NOT it. This book is like that trusted friend that is sometimes overly honest. It's the type of friend that tells you, "You wanna know why your life sucks? Because you aren't doing sh** to change it.".. Maybe this book isn't for everyone, but it was definitely what I needed.

9. Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water - $1.98

I have been obsessed with drinking these! "Vita Coco Coconut Water is never from concentrate and contains naturally-occurring electrolytes, including potassium, making it an excellent source of hydration.". Both Leo and I drink at least two bottles a day. It's just so yummy and refreshing! It's kosher, gluten-free, and vegan-approved. To me, it tastes exactly like just sticking a straw in an actual coconut. None of that disgusting artificial coconut taste! ๐Ÿ˜ท

10. Sony a5100 - $498.00

This is the camera I've been using lately for my product photos and Instagram selfies. I absolutely love it! It's a compact mirrorless camera that takes beautiful clear photos with blurred backgrounds, without all the struggles that come with a DSLR camera. BUT if you want to switch out the lens like with a DSLR, you can! The screen flips up so it's perfect for taking selfies! Also, you can transfer photos wirelessly to your phone through the camera's built-in Wi-Fi. It's a little pricey but so worth it! I seriously am in loveeeee with this!

And that's a wrap for my May favorites! It's the beginning of summer for most of you so make sure to give some of these products a try and let me know what you think! You know how people do New Year's resolutions? I usually set monthly resolutions/goals for myself. For this month, I'm going to make the attempt to post more often on Instagram. I usually post 2-3 times a week but I've been reached out to a few times with the advice of posting at least 5 times a week. So make sure to follow me @LoveCheeta and subscribe to my blog! What are your plans for June? Let me know below! Have a great week!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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