Korean Skincare.. What's the big deal?

Skin care goes hand in hand with beauty. Makeup can only do so much if the skin underneath is not fresh and healthy. There are many products in the market that focus on skin care, however, the one of the latest beauty trends right now is Korean skin care products. If you've been on Pinterest or been to Ulta recently, I'm sure you've seen the adorable little Korean beauty products and wondered what the big deal is. So, what is the hype of Korean skincare all about? The thing is that many conventional skincare brands incorporate toxic chemicals in their products, whereas Korean skincare has introduced hundreds of natural and refined products that are cheap, have comparable or even better outcomes, are free from all these harmful additives, and are so stinkin' cute! Yes, there is a better way to getting that flawless skin, and k-beauty holds the answer for many!

Here are some of the advantages of Korean skincare products that will help you understand exactly why Korean skincare is getting so much attention lately. And believe me, it's not just because of the packaging. πŸ™ƒ

Excellent hydration

Korean skincare focuses excessively on hydration. All of their beauty products are specialized to deliver hydrating formulas with specialized formulas for both oily and dry skin. Korean skincare believes in replenishing the water content of your skin to the optimum to give your skin that lustrous, shiny glow.

Extremely light-wear

You may have noticed how many conventional products can feel heavy and suffocating on your skin. Korean skincare and beauty products aim to counteract this effect. Korean skincare is made to be lightweight in order to allow your pores to breathe. Without exaggerating, you can layer on a bunch of different products and still have that light and natural finish. This makes Korean products ideal for the skin, as they give effective coverage WITHOUT the clogged, thick-layer feel that comes with many regular brands. This is why the beauty industry is shifting towards Korean beauty.

Cheap, yet innovative

Korean skin care makes use of a number of diverse, but natural ingredients. From horse oil to snail mucus, Korean beauty products have incorporated a many strange ingredients to introduce you to their benefits. The best part is that the products are extremely affordable. Some of the top manufacturers of Korean products produce cosmetics and skincare products that are easily accessible and affordable for everyone. You know what's even better than great skincare products? When it's affordable AND effective!

You've probably rolled your eyes about 50 times reading everything above and are saying, "K, Conchita. Nothing is perfect. Shut up and tell us the cons of this trend already.πŸ™„" Alright, alright, alright... There's A LOT of frickn' steps involved in a Korean skincare routine! If you're the type of person that just likes to wash your face or just use a wipe and go to bed, (or even worse, just sleep with your makeup on), you might not be too fond of this 10+ step night routine. Yep, TEN(possibly even more!😳). Hear me out though. Each step is crucial to achieving a flawless complexion. For each step I linked the product I used and loved. So if you're curious, click on each header to get taken to the Amazon listing for it!

Step 1

Oil/Cream Cleanser

An oil(or cream) cleanser will remove any dirt, oil, and makeup WITHOUT stripping your face of its natural oils. You don't need to wet your face prior to using this. You just start gently rubbing this on in circular motions and watch your makeup literally melt away. Then rinse, rub again,and proceed to step 2. You ever wake up in the morning with a bunch of black mascara rings under your eyes even though you washed your face "thoroughly" the night before? Yeah, me neither...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ That won't be an issue anymore with this.

** FYI, Oil cleansers are better for oily skin and cream cleansers are more gentle for dry skin.

Step 2

Water-Based Cleanser

Yes, you're going to wash your face a second time. 😩 Double-cleansing is a big deal in Korean skincare routines. A foaming (or water-based) cleanser will remove any residue left over from your oil cleanser. This step literally guarantees that you'll be going to bed with a squeaky clean face and won't be waking up looking like a panda. 🐼

**Foam cleansers can be drying, so only use if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, use a gel or cream cleanser (make sure it's water-based!).

Step 3

Exfoliating Face Mask

Exfoliating your skin 1-2 times a week will make sure your skin is free of surface dead skin cells. This step will help soften, brighten your skin, and remove all of the gunk from your pores to make room for the good stuff! Not to mention, these feel very relaxing and usually smell delicious! πŸ˜‹

Step 4


A toner will bring your skin's pH levels back to normal and prep it for the next steps. It has to be an Asian toner though, regular toners are way too harsh on your skin! You know how you put primer on before your foundation? Think of this like a skincare primer. It gets your skin ready to better absorb the rest of the products you're about to use. You can just pour some on your hands and pat it on your face, or swipe some on with a cotton pad.

Step 5


Out of all these steps, this is probably the one you haven't heard of as much. Yet it's what really sets Korean skincare apart from others! Essence repairs your skin cells and gently hydrates the skin. It's not as strong as a moisturizer, not as weak as a toner. It's basically like your toner and serum had a skin-loving baby!πŸ‘Ό You pat this on your freshly-toned skin with your hands in an upward and outward motion.

Step 6

Serums, Boosters, & Ampoules

If you have skin issues like discoloration, dark spots, fine lines, acne, etc., this is the step that is directly aimed at treating those things. This step is, of course, optional. But is it ever really a bad idea to start working on keeping yourself looking young?πŸ‘΅πŸ» This step could easily consist of a ton of products if you have multiple skin concerns. Think of these as step 5 on steroids!πŸ’ͺ🏻 You apply them the same exact way but from thinnest consistency to thickest!

Step 7

Sheet Masks

A sheet mask is the best way to get moisture into your skin FAST. It's basically a cotton, gel, or collagen mask soaked in essence designed to cater your skin's needs! You leave it on for 15-20 minutes and should do this 2-3 times a week(though there's really no such thing as overdoing it with theseπŸ˜‰). They're relaxing, cheap, and leave your skin glowing! Also, The Face Shop makes these animal character sheet masks so you can take some funny SnapChat selfies while you wait. 😬

Step 8

Eye Cream

If you're younger and not really worried about aging, you can skip this step. I wouldn't, but that's just me. πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ There are certain eye creams for firming, lifting, fine lines, and brightening! The eye area is super delicate so you need to make sure your tapping the cream on (NOT rubbing). Also, make sure you don't get too close to your waterline. Burning red eyes are not cute.πŸ‘Ή

Step 9


This is where you finally get to start hydrating your parched skin. These are basically lighter moisturizers that soothe your skin. Just like everything else, pat this on generously and gently.

Step 10


This is a thick moisturizer that typically comes in a tube or a tub. It provides a ton of moisture to your skin and basically locks in all of the hard work you just did so that your pores have no choice but to finish absorbing everything throughout the night!

**Once a week skip this step and use a sleeping pack instead. A sleeping pack is like a super intense moisturizer that you sleep with and then wash off in the morning. Just when you thought your skin couldn't handle anymore moisture, you do this! It's a heavier, thicker, stronger, and maybe even stickier, version of step 10. You'll wake up thanking yourself after using these bad boys. πŸ˜‰

There are a number of different places that you can get Korean skin care and beauty products. Many malls have dedicated an entire section to this branch of cosmetics, thanks to their extreme popularity. My favorite place to buy Korean products from is Amazon, mainly because it's usually a few bucks cheaper than places like Ulta. If you click any step above, it will take you to the product I used and loved from Amazon.

I know all of the steps and different products and brands can be pretty intimidating, but you absolutely do NOT need to follow all 10+ steps every night! That's the main reason I don't follow this routine anymore. Don't get me wrong, my skin was incredible during those few weeks of trying this out. But I'm a mom and just can't commit to such a long routine. Try it out for yourself, once you pick the products most adequate for your skin, you will fall in love with the results! Maybe you'll even just narrow it down to just a few staple products.

All in all, where conventional cosmetics stand their ground, Korean beauty products are making a statement of their own. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace this new trend and delve into a brand new line of innovative beauty products that stand out! Let me know what you think!

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