Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette | Review & Swatches

It's here! It's here! It's here! The long-awaited Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette!!! If you have been following Jaclyn Hill for awhile now, you know fans have been waiting 2 YEARS for this baby to come out! I don't want to rant on about how hard Jaclyn and Linda have worked on this palette, but it's definitely been a long, stressful journey for the both of them. If you want to see her reveal and swatches of the palette, as well as, how she picked out the colors and named them, make sure to check out her video rightttt... here!

Now let's get into MY review and swatches! I'm sure you've seen a ton of people speak wonders about this palette and how incredible it is. Me being a Jaclyn Hill fan, I was really excited for this palette but still felt skeptical about it.. I mean, nothing is ever really as "perfect" as people say it is, right? 🤔

So like always, let's start with the packaging. Just like all Morphe palettes, it comes in a cardboard box. This one is clearly different though. It's like a pearl-white color and has the text on the front in a beautiful metallic silver color. On the back, there are four older photos of Jaclyn and a sweet note from her that reads,

"Creating this palette has truly been a dream come true for me. Morphe gave me full creative control and allowed me to customize my dream palette for everyone to enjoy! Every shade was customized by me and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do! I wanted a range of neutrals and pops of colors to accommodate all skin tones. I put my heart and soul into this palette and I hope my pickiness pays off! XO Jaclyn"

*Sorry about the finger mark on the bottom left corner, I just couldn't help myself the second I opened the palette. That shade was calling my name and I just had to swatch it before I took pictures of the palette. 😅*

The palette is $38.00 and contains 35 eyeshadows. The color selection is predominantly warmer neutrals with a mix of shimmers and mattes, with a few pops of colors. According to Jaclyn, the eyeshadows are supposed to have “the best color payoff” and “amazing application”. So let's get into my swatches and see if I found that to be true.

Just like with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette swatches(here!) I did, I swatched each color in two different ways. The first swatch is with my finger, after rubbing it 3 times across the shade and then once down my arm. No primers, bases, or finishing sprays were used. The second swatch is with my MAC 242 Shader brush (this is the same brush Jaclyn Hill used in her swatches video for her palette). I swiped the brush 3 times across the shade, and then swiped it down my arm once.

Enlight - Satin - Buttery white with warm undertones and metallic sheen.

I found this shade to be a little chalky and I personally wouldn't wear it all over my lid, but it's a beautiful highlight color nonetheless.

Beam - Satin - Light gold with warm, yellow undertones and a metallic sheen.

In the palette, Enlight and Beam look almost identical, you can see Beam is more of an Ivory color and swatches more smoothly and pigmented. But to be honest, on the eye, they look exactly the same. 😕

Silk Cream - Matte - Light-medium peach with warm, yellow-orange undertones.

This is the perfect, buttery transition shade!

M.F.E.O. (Made For Each Other) - Matte - Light, peachy brown with warm undertones.

This shade looks very similar to Silk Cream but I think it has more of a pinky, slightly darker undertone than Silk Cream and is a little less pigmented.

Faint - Shimmer - Light pink with very warm undertones.

I was little disappointed with this shade, but I guess it's true to it's name. Very faint and the only way to make it visible is to apply it with your finger or a wet, dense brush. It doesn't build up very well.

Sissy - Duochrome - Medium pink with cooler undertones and a warm, golden sheen.

This shimmer shade is best applied with your finger or a very dense brush. It goes on very sheer but can be built up easily. It has a really beautiful champagne glow to it.

Little Lady - Shimmer - Medium copper with warm, gold shimmer.

Apply this one as well with your finger or a wet brush. It has that same champagne gold shimmer as Sissy, but with a coral undertone instead of pink. It also applies a little more pigmented than Sissy.

Creamsicle - Matte - Bright, light-medium yellow-orange with warm undertones.

This doesn't apply as vibrant to your skin, as it looks in the pan.

Butter - Matte - Light-medium orange with warm, yellow undertones.

Buttery (duh) and creamy!

Pooter - Matte - Medium brown with warm, orange undertones.

Pukey - Matte - Medium, yellowed brown with warm undertones.

I hate this name lol! It is a "baby-pukey brown" as described by Jaclyn.

Hunts - Matte - Medium-dark copper with strong, warm orange undertones.

Firework - Shimmer - Medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and a pearly sheen.

Apply this one as well with your finger or a dense brush. It goes on thicker than the rest of the shades, in my opinion. But beautifully!

Queen - Shimmer - Molten copper with warmer, brown undertones and a gold, metallic sheen.

Again, apply this one with your finger for best results! This one feels like creamy, buttery, smoothness!

Obsessed - Metallic - Light beige with a hint of warm, peach undertones.

This color has a bit more texture, so I would recommend applying this with a wet brush for a smoother finish. It can get a little chunky.

S.B.N. (Smokey But Natural) - Shimmer - Medium-dark, coppery brown with warm undertones.

I had some product fallout with this shade, so I would recommend applying this with a wet brush.

Hillster - Cream-Shimmer - Medium-dark brown with warm, rosy undertones.

This one is extremely creamy and just feels soooo amazing. 😍

Roxanne - Matte - Medium-dark brown with warm, red undertones.

Super pigmented!

Jacz - Matte - Burnt brown with subtle, warm undertones.

This color was a little weird.. It doesn't go on evenly no matter how much you pack it on! 💔

Buns - Matte - Slightly muted, medium reddish brown with warm undertones.

It's basic, neutral, but absolutely necessary for your everyday looks.

Cranapple - Shimmer - Brighter, medium red with strong, warm orange undertones.

Royalty - Shimmer - Rich, deep purple with subtle, cool undertones and flecks of silver glitter.

Looks better applied with your finger. There are little tiny flecks of silver glitter in it!

Twerk - Satin - Bright, medium-dark violet purple with cooler undertones.

This shade was pretty dry but applied beautifully on my eyes! It's like a beautiful purpley-blue color.

Hustle - Shimmer - Medium taupe-brown with cooler undertones.

It's like a pale gray with slight purple undertones.

Meeks - Metallic - Golden bronze with warm undertones.

24/7 - Shimmer - Medium-dark brown with warm undertones.

I did experience some fallout with this shade, so I would use either your finger or a very wet, dense brush when applying this. There's like micro glitter in it! ✨

Chip - Matte - Muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, cool purplish undertones.

Mocha - Matte - Medium-dark brown with warm, fudgy undertones.

Pool Party - Duochrome - Bright, medium aqua with warmer, golden shimmer.

Ugh.. I am so in love with this color. 😍

Jada - Matte - Medium-dark teal with cool undertones.

Surprisingly, this one swatched the worst with my finger out of all of them. I'm not sure what's so different about this one, but I did NOT like it. It doesn't blend well, it isn't super pigmented, it isn't creamy or smooth. I'm really not sure what it's doing in this palette..

Diva - Metallic - Deep, muted forest green with cooler undertones.

If the shade Pool Party wasn't in this palette, this color would definitely be my favorite. It's like the most beautiful neutral-toned olive shade that just goes on like thick butter! 😭💕 But be warned, you will get some fallout with this one no matter how you apply it!

Enchanted - Matte - Muted, dark army green with neutral-to-warm undertones.

Central Park - Matte - Deep brown with neutral-to-cool undertones.

Does anyone else think it would have been awesome if Jaclyn would've named this Central Perk instead? Since she's such a big fan of the show Friends? She did say she wishes she could've!

Soda Pop - Matte - Blackened purple with subtle, warm undertones.

This almost looks black. Once you apply it, most people will think it's just black eyeshadow.

Abyss - Matte - Medium black with neutral undertones.

Be careful, this is prone to fallout! But it goes on super dark and pigmented!

Do I think this palette is worth the price increase for a Morphe palette? Absolutely. Yes, most of the colors didn't swatch the best, but I promise they go on beautifully on your eyes. You're not going to wear these shades on your arm, so who cares if they don't look the greatest on there? Wear an eye primer, use your fingers and some wet brushes and a blending brush with this palette and I promise you will be golden. I'm going to end it with this video of these stunning swatches I did on my snapchat today! (@LoveCheeta). Make sure to set your calendars because this palette is sure to sell out quickly! It will be released June 21st on!

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