Drugstore Summer Makeup Essentials

Happy Wednesday! I am with you all in that I am struggling today. It's 3:07pm as I write this and I'm still in my jammies. 😶 ANYWAYS... Summer is the worst time of the year for my skin. It gets super oily, I break out like crazy all over my T-zone, my pores get huge and stuffed, it's just not pretty.

You know that feeling of sweating off layers and layers of heavy makeup? I hate that! When your face is just so heavy with products, you just can’t wait to wash everything off. That’s why it’s extra important that I wear makeup that will last through the heat and humidity but still not feel heavy and thick. I want my skin to be able to breathe but still look put together at the same time. (Isn’t that the goal of every girl everywhere though?! 😂 )

So I wanted to share with you my 8-step drugstore summer makeup routine! Of course, you can add in other steps and products to bump up your look and make it more glam. So let's get started!

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Step 1 – BB Cream

I use BB creams a lot during the summer because they provide coverage to even out your skin tone so it can replace your foundation while giving you a lightweight feel and adding moisture and protection for your skin! The BB cream I use is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in the Oily/Combo Skin formula($12.99). It comes in two/ different shades and is a skin clearing formula for acne-prone skin like mine! If you don't have an issue with acne, Garnier has regular BB cream formulas as well!

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Step 2 – Concealer

This step may not be necessary for some but I prefer to add a little concealer under my eyes even if I’m wearing a light base. I think it brightens my eyes and makes me look more awake! However, I do skip the full coverage concealer and go with a lightweight option. The concealer I highly recommend is the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer($8.99)! The formula is extremely lightweight but the coverage is great! It doesn’t leave my undereyes looking cakey or dry so I think it’s a perfect concealer for summer. It visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles, spots and imperfections in just 3 weeks too! There's six shades to choose from.

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Step 3 – Setting Powder

Again, this may not be a necessary step for some (jealous!) but omggg, if I don’t set my face with powder in the summer, it’s not a pretty sight. I don’t even want to know what I would look like because I still get oily even when I set everything! Even if you have normal/dry skin, setting your face is a good idea in the summer. Regardless of skin type, we all sweat and having a barrier of powder on your skin will help to keep your makeup in place for longer!

My new favorite setting powder is the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder ($3.99). It does a great job at absorbing any oil on my face. This powder is so affordable and you get a TON! Some people claim it leaves a white/pale look on your skin, but I haven't had that issue. Either I'm pretty good at blending it out, or I'm so pale that white powder looks normal on me. 🤔

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Step 4 – Bronzer

Ohh this is a fun step! I love bringing color and life back into my complexion! Bronzer is a MUST during the summer and if I want to go a little ham on the application, I don’t feel bad about it! Bronzey sun-kissed skin is so gorgeous so don’t feel guilty if you want to dip back in a couple extra times. Sometimes I also put a little bronzer in the creases of my eyes if I want a little natural-looking dimension but don’t have time (or don't want to) to wear eyeshadow.

Now, is there not a more PERFECT summer bronzer than Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer ($14.99)?! If you saw my very first blog post 'Top Bronzers Under $15', you know a couple Physicians Formula bronzers made it on there. They have incredible bronzers! If this isn’t summer in powder form, I don’t know what is! I’ve been using Physicians Formula bronzers for a looooong time, and this one is hands down the best one I’ve used! If the product alone doesn’t hook you, the smell will! It really applies like butter and blends out like a dream. It’s the perfect bronzer shade – not too orangey but not too cool-toned. Not gonna lie, sometimes with a little heavier hand, I use it to contour (please don't shun me). Do yourself a favor and buy this now! You won’t regret it.

Step 5 – Highlighter

I can’t talk about summer makeup without including highlighter. It’s the icing on the cake! I love adding some glow and summer is all about the glowy skin! In the summer, I personally stick to powder highlighters but if you prefer liquid highlighters and illuminators – you go for it! I like to highlight the tops of my cheeks, inner corners of my eyes and the rim of my nose!

Summer is a great time to skip blush and just go for bronzed and highlighted skin. My skin tends to get a natural flush from the heat anyways so that’s why I skip it.

My favorite drugstore highlighter is the L'Orèal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator in Ice ($12.99). It is absolutely stunning! The powder is so reflective and just glistens on the skin. They come in three different shades, but since my complexion is so light, I just stick with the Ice compact.

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Step 6- Mascara

To me, an easy simple makeup look in the summer only requires mascara for the eyes! I love a fresh eye look with big curled lashes and bare lids. I personally recommend waterproof mascara in the summer. Because I have stick straight lashes, I actually wear waterproof mascara all year round because it helps my lashes stay curled all day. As long as you use a good eye makeup remover, you should have no issues!

Currently, my absolute favorite mascara is the new L'Orèal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara ($9.99). It stays put all day and is resistant to sweat and water (duh). It keeps my lashes looking big and curled and really makes my eyes pop! This mascara is a true game-changer! I’m noticing there are a lot of L'Orèal products that I’ve included in this but I’m ok with that! They are a fantastic brand with great products, quality, and prices!

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Step 7 – Lip Color

Knowing that I need my makeup to be heat and sweat proof, I usually choose a lip formula that’s hydrating and glossy. I don’t like upper lip sweat paired with matte lipsticks….gross! But I also don’t love creamy lip sticks that can melt and smear all over my mouth.

So colored lip balms have become my best friends in the summer! There are some amazing balms with great color payoff. Balms also keep your lips hydrated which is key for hot weather and sun. The only down side is that the color won’t last all day long but I don’t mind reapplying when needed. My go-to lip balm at the moment is the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm ($4.99). Rose is my favorite shade! I have really light blonde hair with dark roots and very fair skin and this shade compliments my complexion really well. It's like a slightly more vibrant version of my natural lip color. So no butthole lips when it starts to wear off! 🎉

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Step 8 – Setting Spray

Last, but certainly not least, is setting spray. We’ve come all this way and have been so strategic with the products to put on for an easy summer look, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t lock our look in place and set it to last all day! This is KEY for me. Setting spray not only sets my look all day but it helps to melt the powders and products on my face together so I have a natural-skin appearance.

I'm very particular with my setting sprays and have never really been fond of any drugstore sprays. My favorite drugstore setting spray is Milani Make It Last Setting Spray ($9.99)! Not only is the formula great but the mist is so fine so it won’t mess up your makeup! Milani also has a dewy setting spray for those of you with dry skin.

Photo by @beautybyjandd IG

BUT if you're willing to spend an extra $8, my current absolute favorite setting spray is the Beauty by J&D Acne Control Face Mist ($18.00). If you have dry skin, you can use their Revitalizing Face Mist instead! If you follow me on Snapchat (@LoveCheeta), you know how much I've been raving about this incredible setting spray! And in case you missed it, here is a compilation of it. 😂💕

And now you have a flawless face that’s fresh-looking and prepared to last all day through heat and sweat! Seriously these steps are my everyday makeup steps. From start to finish, this routine takes me about 15 minutes tops. And if I’m wanting a little more glam, these steps pretty much stay the same and I just add in a few extra products to take it up a notch!

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